how to select tiles for living room?

Are you looking for some firm flooring ideas for your living room? Blessed. Throughout this article, you can acquire many solutions and the latest trends nowadays. Certainly, elegant flooring makes visitors feel better and enchants the eye.

So let’s identify these ideas to a great extent.

how to select tiles for living room?

Before selecting the most acceptable flooring type or sort of tile, you have to consider the colors of the walls of your living room and the roofing. It might be traditional ceramic, well-designed mosaic, or trendy flooring. Mostly, with this tile concept, anyone can easily clean and maintain the floor. You have to first consider the size of your living room and what is the most appropriate color of tile going with. And then you are able to select them online or by visiting stores nearby.

how to select tiles for small living room?

how to decorate a living room with tile floors

If you have a living room with a small space, you can arrange it with the minimum number of furniture. And use a floor tile with a light color. The best options are ceramic and porcelain. Light colors like peach, white, light blue, and beige make your living room more open. By using a light color, your living room can appear in a more sizable way. Or you can use wood tiles to give a more natural look to your living room. Polished tile is also another solution to make your living room wider. Its surface is smoother than other types and has a bright color. So it adds an elegant look to your little living room.

Which tiles shall I install for living room?

Living room porcelain tile is a modern trend and many people use it to go with this.

Most people fall in love with this type of tile. Mostly grey and black colors are commonly used and they are matched with the other home furniture as well. The whole living room floor can touch with urban elegance and this type is more suited to wide floors. To obtain more durability and long-lasting usage, choose ceramic wood flooring. It is with a hardwood floor look and has the ability to absorb both moisture and scratching. Than real wood floors, ceramic wood floors can easily maintain and cleaned.

And if you are seeking to have more smooth and soft sense, you must go with bamboo floors. This has good water resistance, is more renewable, and is environmentally friendly. But this can be easily scratched and don’t go with this type if you have pets and kids.

If you have a low foot traffic area, mosaic is the best option. Because this type is much more expensive than other types but deserves a huge elegancy. If you are preferred to have your own floor design, this is the best type to use.

However, for more foot traffic areas you can use marble because this type can withstand a lot of traffic. But this is more slippery than other types and you can use a rug to reduce this. But it is not a good option to use this where elders and children with.

To have a shiny finish as a luxury look, terrazzo helps you to have it. This terrazzo is made up of a collection of marble, granite, quartz, and glass. Terrazzo is also an experienced flooring and because of the slippery many don’t like to use this type.

How do I select bathroom tiles?

Normally many people like to choose designed tile for both walls and floor of the bathroom. As we have to fix the both walls and floor, the whole set should have a matching design. And the main thing is you must select rough flooring for your bathroom because if the flooring is slippery the friction is low. So anyone can fall easily. And you can use a mat type like Porcelain or wood flooring also.

Is tile appropriate for a living room? Why or why not

Obviously yes. Because it is easy to clean and maintain. Usually, the living room is the heart of the entire house. So we must go with these trendy designs and you can have an elegant, luxurious look for your house. But keep remembering to use low slippery and rough flooring which can easily resist water.

What kind of tile makes a room look? bigger narrow or wide

Choosing bigger tiles makes your living room more spacious. And also by having larger tiles, you have to use less grout so easy to clean. Nowadays the trend is large tiles. And also light tiles help you to see your living area wider than it appears. You can also install the same type of tile you use for the floor for the walls as well. Because it will enhance the illusion of expanded space. But don’t use dark color flooring because dark color absorbs the light and makes your living room look smaller.

Or you can combine dark colors with light color floor tiles. And also you have to pay attention to the grout you going to use. For a more seamless look, you can match the grout color with the tile.

Can I use different floor tiles in different rooms?best tiles for living room floor


You can use tiles in different colors for different rooms. As an example, you can use a dark-colored floor tile if you have lighter furniture and bright curtains. Keep in your mind that you can use dark tiles where the places have more crowd because dark hide dirt easier. So it doesn’t matter to use different types of tiles for different areas.

Looking for terrazzo, mosaic and marble are more expensive. Using ceramic or porcelain will satisfy your pocket and no doubt these two types greatly help you to have a smooth, elegant look as well. Especially the porcelain flooring is budget-friendly and eco-friendly.

Which tile is good for living rooms vitrified or ceramic tiles

Ceramic is the best option if you want an unmatched tile finish and look for your living area. Because ceramic tiles are made up of natural clay and sand. As well as you need a low cost also. And the vitrified can use outside as a parking area. This type is more useful to you where you need to have a strong and sturdy.

The texture, waterproof, and water-resistant features of vitrified tiles are very high. And customer has the capability to get many types of designs with these vitrified tiles.

How many tiles do I need for a 6 room house?

First, measure the length and width of each room separately by using a measuring tape. Then to get the total footage to multiply the length and the width. As an example, if your living room has 15 feet in length and 10 feet in width, the footage is 15*10 square feet. And it is 150 square feet. So you need to have enough tiles for 150 square feet. Likewise, you have to get the footage of all 6 rooms. And calculate the area of the tile you going to fix as well. Then you can easily estimate the number of tiles you need to buy.

Let me know which kind of tiles are used in the home and office

An office is a place where many people gather and it is a crowded area. So it is better to fix vitrified or porcelain tiles for your office. And to have a royal and stunning look, choose marble or ceramic type for your home. And also you can use wood tile if you love to live with a natural look.

Alternatively, you can use some colors like beige or light yellow to make your office area warmer and if you choose Matt tiles, it seems a textured flooring area.

Should we use the same floor tiles all over the house?

Exactly no. Because by varying the color and type of tile, you can have different types of senses inside your house. As an example, you can use marble type in your rooms and ceramic flooring in the living room. And porcelain flooring for the kitchen will add a glamorous look to your kitchen. As well as the kitchen is the place of your house, and you have to clean more in every time. So while giving a versatile look to your kitchen, porcelain tiles support housewives to keep their kitchens tidy.

Before choosing the floor tile for your house, keep remembering to pay attention to the following points.

  • Easy clean
  • Slip resistance property (high friction)
  • Available with multiple formats
  • Availability of a wide color range
  • Availability to face the underfloor heating

Is it a good idea to choose wooden tiles for my home?

Wooden tile is the best option to sense a natural look. As well as by applying wooden tile, your floor can achieve a low slipper and this is the most suitable option to have if adults and kids are with you. Not only brown color, beige, and grey colored wooden tiles are also available.

How many boxes of tiles will complete a 2 bedroom building?

This is depending on the footage of the bedrooms. First, you have to calculate and estimate the lengths. Then you can easily get an idea of the number of tiles you need to fix. Divide the total footage of the bedrooms by the area of a tile you going to fix. Then you can easily get the value.

What are the different types of wall tiles for houses?

how to choose floor tile color

Instead of painting your walls, you can fix tiles. And fixing the tiles for the walls of your house will add an extra cost. But obviously, you can feel a better elegant look for your house. This is depending on the type of tile you attached to the floor and the color of the lights in the roofing. It is much better to use wood tile or marble for the walls.

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Floor Tiles for Home

Don’t depend on the design always. Before you choose the tile, think about the material and durability. And try to use wide tiles always because it is easy to clean and the cost will be a bit low than tiny tiles. Keep remembering to buy mats or rough tiles which have high friction. Don’t buy slippery tiles.

For a more glamorous and elegant look for your house flooring, you can go with these trendy ideas. So we hope that you get a chance to have a great idea to select the most suitable and complementary type of flooring for your house. If you want to get more knowledge about how to design living room, click here


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